Hollins Administration and Support Staff

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Pareena Lawrence
540-362-6321 presoffc@hollins.edu
Myra Sims
Director of Athletics
540-362-6435 simsms@hollins.edu
Richie Waggoner
Sports Information Director/Compliance
540-362-6470 rwaggoner@hollins.edu
Peter Coogan
Faculty Athletic Representative
540-362-6352 pcoogan@hollins.edu
Kaitlyn Costa
Head Athletic Trainer/NCAA Athletics Health Care Administrator
540-362-6205 costakm@hollins.edu
Wendy Stewart
Administrative Assistant
540-362-6436 stewartwa@hollins.edu

Hollins Coaching Staff

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Emilee Dunton
Basketball - Head Coach
Alex Kosicki
Cross Country - Head Coach
540-362-7436 kosickiaz@hollins.edu
Kate Keagins
Lacrosse - Head Coach
540-362-6572 keaginskm@hollins.edu
Sherri West
Riding - Head Coach
540-362-6691 westsw@hollins.edu
Robin Ramirez
Soccer - Head Coach
540-362-6476 ramirezrl@hollins.edu
Patrick Richardson
Swimming - Head Coach
540-362-6539 richardsonpj@hollins.edu
Alex Kosicki
Tennis - Head Coach
540-362-7436 kosickiaz@hollins.edu
Kat Lawson
Volleyball - Head Coach
540-362-6424 klawson@hollins.edu