Phillips Takes Over Hollins Hoops

Phillips Takes Over Hollins Hoops

Waggoner to Assume Full-Time Role as Sports Information Director

ROANOKE, Va. --- Athletic Director Aubrey Shinofield has announced two changes within the athletic department at Hollins University.   Richie Waggoner will be relinquishing his duties as basketball coach to devote all of his time to the office of sports information while Jim Phillips will move from assistant to head basketball coach for the upcoming season. 

After serving as both the head basketball coach and SID over the past four years, Waggoner is excited about the opportunity.  “One of the reasons I wanted the job at Hollins four years ago was to be able to get into the sports information field and I am really proud of everything we have accomplished from that office over past four years.  With the addition of volleyball this fall, I felt that now was a perfect time to make the move and give the SID office someone that could devote more time and energy to the position.”

Shinofield, who is completing her first year as the full time Athletic Director, is equally excited about the move.   “Richie has put his heart and soul into the basketball team over the last four years.  I am thankful for his commitment and dedication to our student-athletes and to the success of the team and the athletic department.  I am also extremely pleased that he has accepted the sports information director position and will be staying with us here at Hollins.  Richie has done an incredible job juggling basketball and sports information and now he will have the time to really focus on the SID role.  Hollins Athletics will really benefit from his efforts.”

After 15 years of success at the high school, middle school, and AAU levels, Jim Phillips came to Hollins two seasons ago and has been a huge part of rebuilding the basketball program.  Phillips and Waggoner have been able to build a foundation on which the basketball program can grow and Shinofield is pleased that Jim is ready to continue in his new role.  “I am pleased to announce that Jim Phillips will be taking over as head basketball coach at Hollins.  Jim has done an outstanding job as the assistant coach over the past two years and is ready to step into the leadership role for the team.  Richie has set the stage well for Jim to come in and move this team forward in a positive direction.  We are really looking forward to Jim’s leadership and to the future of Hollins basketball.”

In his two seasons as an assistant, Phillips has been instrumental in the recruiting process and on court coaching.  Next season will see a full roster for Hollins for the first time in years thanks to the effort and hard work that Jim has put forth.  “I am grateful for the chance to step in and continue the progress that we have made over these past couple of years.  Working my way through the ranks has prepared me for this challenge.  I think it has made me a better coach and have learned a lot.  I appreciate the opportunity that Richie gave me and I am happy to be a part of the Hollins community.”

This release is courtesy of the Hollins University sports information department.